Royal Expert® Smooth & Clear Skin Lightening Cream

Royal Expert® Smooth & Clear Skin Lightening Cream

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Royal Expert Smooth & Clear not only helps to brighten skin, but also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and acne. Chamomile extract hydrates and soothes the skin, while Niacinamide helps to even out skin tone. This cream is packed with beneficial ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin C, Glutathione and Grape Seed Oil that will reveal a brighter, supple and restore a youthful complexion.


Anti-acne, anti-wrinkles, anti-ageing, reduce pimples scars, brightening skin, lighten pigmentation, treat uneven skin tone, leave skin clear and glowing.


-Apply 5 dots all around your face (forhead/cheeks/nose and chin)

-3 dots on your neck


-The applicant should be gentle

-Use sweeping motion upwards strokes when your  applying the  moisturizer to start the gavity (this helps to reduce the lymphatic drainage across the face)

-Reduces fluid and puffiness

-This will have a better absorbtion into the skin

-Help muscles to relax

-Blood to flow easier with more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the cell

-At the end to finish it completely skin care regime, tap your fingers all over your face